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Face to face with Maurizio Granai

How did 2021 end and what are the expectations for the new year?

The year just ended was more than satisfactory, in such a lively market the products we represent have found the consensus and interest of many shipowners, with rewarding results for GPY. We are confident that the trend can continue, at least for the entire 2022, thanks to new products that, the brands we represent, are making us available in the very short term.

How do you see the current market?

It is a very fluid and unprecedented situation, in which it is necessary to anticipate what the market requires. While it is true that in our sector the availability of raw materials and components is a problem, it is nevertheless true that working with resilience, courage and remarkable programming, allows you to address these deficiencies. Even creating opportunities, until some time ago, unthinkable.

In recent years, GPY has sanctioned the exclusive dealership for Italy with the Turkish shipyard Sirena Yachts. What made you believe in this project and what expectations do you have for the future?

Sirena Yachts offer a unique way of sailing, the dual mode fairings, the design, the spaces that, thanks to decades of experience, are able to surprise positively shipowners from all over the world, model after model. It’s a construction site with huge growth potential, and soon, the confirmation will come. We believed and believe in this brand, proud of dealership throughout Italy. The range of current yachts will be implemented significantly, and the pencil of Germán Frers for the hulls, and Cor D. Rover for the interior, will give us again flattering results.

What is the added value that GPY offers to its customers?

Trust in the first place. Today the sale of Yachts has assumed significant amounts with time diluted in several months, if not years. So the owner must feel protected, guaranteed by a solid and established reality, both from the point of view of the Shipyard and the dealer. And it is here that seriousness, experience and knowledge of the sector become fundamental factors, in all their aspects: configuration, technique, management, bureaucracy, finance. GPY has a growing history, having received, over the decades, the trust of the most representative brands of the world.

Let’s conclude: how will the future of GPY be? What news are waiting for us in 2022?

Certainly we will continue to dedicate the maximum attention to our shipowners, reciprocating their confidence, implementing our knowledge relative to the new products. We live in a time of history, so fast and fast, we can’t afford pauses. There are constantly new technologies, new solutions for which it will be our task, to better transmit them to our prospects and shipowners. It will be essential to continue to monitor the competition, the only constant, for almost half a century, of our activity. For the rest it is continuous innovation, what happens today in two years, in the past decades it needed five times as many. This new year will bring interesting news, especially in the brand Sirena Yachts you will find really new models, born initially from a blank sheet, then developed with the new techniques that CAD technology has made available to us. And I’m not talking about restyling or second series but real news... that will soon be revealed!

© PH: Bruno Cianci