Viale Trieste 142, 57016, Rosignano Solvay (LI)

Via Maestri d’ascia, 17019, Varazze (SV)

Via del Castillo 17, 18083, Portosole, Sanremo

Shipyard & Marina Sant’Andrea - Via E. Fermi 53 - 33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) Italy



Sirena 88, your next fully customizable beachfront home

26.81 meters and maximum capacity of 10 guests, naval architecture by Germàn Frers and interior design by Cor D. Rover: this and much more is Sirena 88, the largest yacht in the Sirena Yachts fleet.
A real house on the sea that, thanks to its high level of customization is designed in detail, to fully meet the needs of the owner.

A real superyacht experience, not only for the size, but also for the extreme customization of the components.

"We are known for our high level of customization that reaches its peak with the Siren 88, built to customer specifications. "

This is what Ali Onger, Chief Commercial Officer at Sirena Yachts, says about the degree of customization that can be requested to the Turkish shipyard in the design phase. Everything from engines, generators, to furniture and door hinges can be realized on the needs, even the most rigorous, of the owner. Most shipyards reserve this degree of customization to yachts over 100 feet: in Sirena Yachts this treatment is instead a real prerogative for all models of the fleet.

"We can really play with the spaces within the structural boundaries of this hull. As a semi-custom yacht builder, we are open to their ideas."

Tanil Surmeli, Product Manager of Sirena Yachts, confirms the sartorial nature of the Turkish shipyard; a production shipyard, that never stops building and that customizes every yacht as much as possible to meet the demands of individual customers. For this reason, once the characteristics of a Sirena 88 are established, it takes about 10 months to complete them: because each creation is never exactly the same as another.

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