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Sirena goes beyond 100 feet with the new line of Superyachts. Three models signed by the Italian designer Luca Vallebona.

“Sirena was overwhelmed with gratitude for the response that our customers around the world have unfailingly given to the presentation of each new model. From the Sirena 58 to the Sirena 88, passing through the Sirena 68 and the Sirena 78, our goal has been to provide boats that exceed expectations in every size category we build. We are now ready to take the next step, which is why we are pushing the 100 foot mark" , says Sirena Yachts President İpek . Kıraç .

The new line, announced at the last Cannes Yachting Festival, is inaugurated by the new Superyacht 30, Superyacht 42 and Superyacht 50, three superyachts designed to revolutionize the concept of privacy on board with an interesting new layout that keeps the focus on the interior spaces, characteristic of the Turkish shipyard.

"Our goal is to bring spacious interiors, attention to detail, efficient and seaworthy hull and customer-oriented approach into our new superyacht line" - Çağın Genç , CEO of Sirena Yachts

The focus on interior spaces

As a constant feature of the entire new range, the shipyard will also maintain particular attention to interior spaces on superyachts. Amenities include folding wing decks, multi-level aggregation spaces with swimming pools and sundecks, as well as deck areas arranged for safe and convenient access for both crew and guests.

“Sirena's superyachts will be sporty, elegant and offer large open spaces,” said Luca Vallebona, exterior designer of the new line. “I would like to underline two references to the past that I used for the concepts. The first is the use of words like patio and pergola which come directly from the classical Latin era, as I am fascinated by architecture. The other is the bottom line of the side window of the main deck, which can only be seen as an overhanging line of a beautiful J Class, a timeless symbol of luxury and sportiness ”.

Privacy and comfort for new Sirena owners

Another feature of all the boats in the new Sirena Yachts line is the priority given to the owner's privacy and comfort, which is clearly reflected in the innovative layout of the new superyachts. In fact, always having customer care at heart and listening to the needs of its owners, in the new line of the Sirena Marine shipyard, the formality leaves room for more sociable outdoor areas to enjoy more informal moments of conviviality but, to this, it associates a terrace private to dedicate an environment of privacy and comfort to owners.

Tanil Surmeli , Product Development Manager of Sirena Yachts, added: “As in all our boats, we always try to take care of the owner's area without compromise. We did it with the Superyacht range. Furthermore, in recent years, efficiency has prevailed over speed, functionality and customization over size. They are looking for the uniqueness that is offered only for them and this is the strength of Sirena Yachts ”.