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Sirena58 and Sirena Coupé: different needs, same performance.

Both featuring a timeless design are an expression of beauty, performance and functionality

Both models, born by the genius minds of German Frers and Tommaso Spadolini, are a year apart from each other. The “youngest”, Sirena 58 Coupé, presents itself as the solution for those who wish to live  the sea life without compromises thanks to  its neat surfaces and elegant line compared  to the classic 58.

While the first model of house Sirena is characterized by wide surfaces and an outstanding flying bridge of 27 square  meters  that can reach the upper stern, the Coupé line doesn’t possess this last feature and is suited for those who prefer spaces  that only a convertible ceiling can offer.

The difference is clear, by removing the central stair that in the S58 version  diveded the deck from the stern and the living space from the steering gear. The stair removal allowed the designers to create an additional counter in the kitchen. 

Balanced features are part of both models. Sirena 58 and the Coupé line both  create an harmonious dialogue between the outdoor and indoor spaces offering ship owners the pleasure of living their dreams cruising the sea coast to coast.